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Vermont OAuth
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2023-11-27 17:20:12 (13 days ago)

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2022-04-01 23:28:29 (21 months ago) Stwalkerster changed roles Removed [], Added [checkuser] with comment: current steward
2022-02-28 01:36:27 (22 months ago) AmandaNP approved
2020-07-05 17:13:17 (3 years ago) Dane declined After evaluating your contributions and relevant experience and participation with Wikipedia, we have decided not to approve of your application for access to the ACC interface as an ACC tool user at this time. The main concerns expressed were recent actions with permissions and behavior towards others. ACC is a collaborative project that requires a high degree of professionalism and problem resolution. This decline can be appealed no sooner than 6 months from now (January 5, 2021) by emailing the tool administrators at Thank you for your interest!
2020-06-12 06:20:04 (3 years ago) [Community] registered a tool account
2020-06-12 06:20:04 (3 years ago) [Community] changed roles Removed [], Added [user] with comment: Registration